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Discover the Keys to Succeeding in Real Estate and Life with a groundbreaking book by Sonny Moyers. Discover the intricate interplay between psychology and interpersonal relationships and how to leverage these dynamics for unparalleled success. Whether you're a seasoned real estate agent or a novice, this invaluable book offers practical strategies and scripts to navigate the complexities of creating a real estate Practice. Over 5,000 words of real estate scripts in real situations give you a marketing advantage in the competitive world of real estate. This book is different from any real estate book you have seen!


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The Architecture and Psychology of the Real Estate Practice book

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David Blom of the Telus Group

David Blom,
Tellus Group

“For those professionals willing to invest in themselves, The Architecture of the Real Estate Practice provides invaluable insight into the real estate profession from the realtor’s perspective.  The range and detail provided will be of serious benefit to those who are willing to put in the work and realize that there are no short-cuts to the type of success that Sonny has demonstrated.” 

Jack Mathews, President of Mathews Southwest

Jack Matthews, President,
Matthews Southwest 

“Sonny takes a subject that most people think they understand, breaks it down, and shows you how and how not to reassemble. A brilliant read for those who are serious about advancing their real estate IQ, work ethic and general understanding of people. Sonny has lived it, done it and now wants to help you.” 

Ron Burgert, chief financial officer of the Ebby Halliday Companies

Ron Burgert 

“I have had the privilege of reading and critiquing this book written by Sonny Moyers. My background is a retired CFO for Ebby Halliday Real Estate, Inc. after 42 years of service. My conclusion is that if a person is aspiring to be successful in a very difficult business such as the real estate industry, this book is a must read.” 

About the author

Sonny Moyers

Discover the expert insights of Sonny, a renowned business Executive, REALTOR®, and Author, as he shares his extensive knowledge in the captivating nonfiction book on real estate. With a Bachelor's Degree in Management & Communications and a Master's Degree in Psychology, specializing in Human Behavioral Theory, Interpersonal Communications Theory, Organizational Design, and Research Methods, Sonny uniquely understands the philosophy and concepts behind building a successful real estate Practice. As an award-winning agent, Sonny's remarkable achievements place him among the elite in the DFW area, consistently ranking in the top percentiles of real estate agents nationwide and in Texas.

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